Fullfill advertisers and users needs


Get up to 15% extra viewable impressions with a double RPM


Set-up and deliver viewability and time in-view offering


Enhance users experience and increase engagement by up to 10%

You'll be in good company


Extra Qualitative Inventory,
With The Smartest Refresh Technology

Refresh ads at impression level, based on attention-to-click. Maximize the volume and the quality of 2nd print impressions, without compromising on 1st print impression viewability and click-through rates.

15 S

Get The Most Out Of Each Impression,
Based on Pre-Serving Predictions

We predict viewability rate and duration, for each impression, before the call to the adserver. Target the prediction segments to maximize your RPMs and reduce the waste to reach advertisers goals.

15 S

More Pageviews And Time Per Session,
With Smart Ad Loading Optimisation

We optimize user experience by delaying out-of-screen ads right after on-screen ads and content are loaded. You get enhanced user engagement without losing inventory like with lazy-loading.


Insights That Drive And Measure Inventory Optimizations

Monitor ad loadtime, adblockers, attention, viewability, attention to click and advertising clutter. Compare your metrics to others Onfocus users. Measure the potential and uplift of Onfocus optimization solutions.

Simple setup

1. Setup the Onfocus tag

2. Configure your Adserver

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